Verstuyft Steven (Belgium, °1968).

Educated as engineer there is also the free artist soul. He uses many art forms, painting,
photography, sculpture, short movies to express his feelings. Refusing the present art flow “
he otherwise will be just another clown/clone” . His inspiration the actuality, human
behavior, dreams ,music and frustration ... translating these thoughts, ideas, feelings to an
expressive artwork . On this way he tries to create an esthetical image which has both values
good-bad, reason-unreason, reality-fiction, ying-yang, calm-wild, …

The produced images are almost always very colorful it’s like his inner dark feeling can
only be represented  by an explosion of colors no compromise no softness no hiding .

Many of the created images has also an absurdist humorful expression. His way to deal with
the wretched humanity.

…and if you want depth, dig a pit …